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Limited Time Offer!! FREE installation for eligible Brightspeed Fiber customers*

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Limited Time Offer!! FREE installation for eligible Brightspeed Fiber customers*

*200 Mbps and above
Limited Time Offer!! FREE installation for eligible Brightspeed Fiber customers*

*200 Mbps and above
Limited Time Offer!! FREE installation for eligible Brightspeed Fiber customers*

*200 Mbps and above
Limited Time Offer! FREE installation for eligible Brightspeed Fiber customers* *200 Mbps and above

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Is Brightspeed Available in My Area?

Rosslyn Elliott / Updated Mar 17,2023 | Pub Mar 03,2023

We now live in a digital-first world, where a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial to economic opportunity. If you lack home internet or your only option is old, slow DSL, that lack of access may severely limit your life choices.

It’s an ideal time for ISPs to focus on bringing fiber internet to more people, so everyone can benefit from the jobs, education, and training available online.

New internet providers are springing up to help close the digital divide. You may have heard of the biggest and most prominent of these new providers. The company is Brightspeed, and their professionalism, experience, and commitment to local communities has given them a great start right out of the gate.

If you live in the eastern half of the nation, there’s a good chance Brightspeed is now serving your state with fiber internet. The company may have already activated the first fiber lines in your town! Or, Brightspeed may be planning to bring fiber to your neighborhood in the next year. Read on to find out if Brightspeed is available where you live.

About Brightspeed

Brightspeed is a brand-new internet provider with a mission to bring you fiber internet as quickly as possible. Unlike most startups, Brightspeed already has 1.2 million customers and an experienced support team of almost 4,000 employees.

Brightspeed plans to help close the digital divide by connecting 3 million homes to fiber internet over the next 5 years. Even better, Brightspeed places special focus on areas that have been underserved. That means that if you’re in an area that lacks fiber internet, Brightspeed may have already started providing your area’s first fiber service.

Is Brightspeed serving your state yet?

Brightspeed is already serving 20 states, and continues to build and expand at a rapid rate. Here’s a map to show you where Brightspeed is offering service and creating new infrastructure. States highlighted in yellow show where Brightspeed is available.

map of 20 states with Brightspeed available and fiber internet in select areas

Bringing more next-gen fiber, now and for the future

Brightspeed is committed to next-gen fiber. Only fiber internet is capable of handling anything technology can throw at us in the next decade or two.

Fiber internet and really fast cable internet might seem pretty similar right now in 2023. But cutting-edge internet activities (such as the Metaverse) are going to require more and more bandwidth. Fiber is the only technology with the huge capacity and fast speed to support future innovation. So, if Brightspeed is going to build out infrastructure at great expense, they plan to bring you the type of connection that will stand the test of time. And that’s fiber.

Distinctives of Brightspeed fiber service

  • Capable of delivering 10 Gbps connections (10,000 Mbps)
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds offered only by fiber connections
  • Lowest latency service, for consistently powerful throughput and response time
  • W-Fi 6 in-home/office network
  • Fiber to the premises (FTTP) network

only fiber internet can provide the bandwidth of the future with image of fiber optic lines. Brightspeed is replacing CenturyLink cable with fiber lines.

FAQs: Brightspeed coverage in 20 states

Does Brightspeed offer good customer support?

Brightspeed has made a strong commitment to premium customer service. They have 4,000 experienced employees based in local service areas so they can provide more knowledgeable assistance.

How did Brightspeed build such a large network for high-speed internet so quickly?

Brightspeed’s foremost commitment is to bring every customer the fastest internet possible, as soon as possible. That means accelerating a fiber buildout that is much more rapid than most other ISPs. In addition, Brightspeed acquired a large existing copper network from CenturyLink to serve as the basis for its fiber expansion. That means Brightspeed already offers established, robust high-speed networks with substantial operations and back-office support. While Brightspeed builds fiber as quickly as possible, customers will be able to start internet service with these existing networks and high-speed internet plans.

How much fiber does Brightspeed have now, and how much is it planning to build?

Brightspeed currently has over 200,000 existing fiber-enabled locations. The company will connect 3 million more homes to fiber internet in the next 5 years.

Are there any hidden fees with Brightspeed?

There are no hidden fees with Brightspeed internet plans. One of Brightspeed’s central commitments is to offer simple, straightforward product choices without confusing bundles, plans, or complicated bills.

Does Brightspeed support the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?

Yes, Brightspeed offers full support for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) for lower-income households. The ACP is an important part of closing the digital divide and bringing high-speed internet access to every household. The ACP can make Brightspeed available to you at a deep discount if you qualify for the program.

Written by
Rosslyn Elliott
Rosslyn Elliott has over a decade of experience as a writer, editor, and in-house journalist. She earned a B.A. in English from Yale University and has written professionally in many fields including technology and IT. She has won kudos for her work helping tech startups establish their brands. Having lived all over the USA, Rosslyn has first-hand knowledge of the strengths and quirks of top internet service providers. She now writes on all things internet, including Wi-Fi technology, fiber infrastructure, satellite internet, and the digital divide. As a TV fan, she also enjoys reviewing channel choices and cool gadgets for satellite TV and streaming services. Her personal experience as a researcher, career changer, and remote worker inspires her to guide others to their own online opportunities. After work, she likes to kick back with a good craft beer and speculate about A.I. with friends.
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