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Brightspeed Voice

Get reliable home phone service with unlimited nationwide calling. Discover the ease and dependability of a home phone with impeccable clarity and auto-ID for emergency personnel.


Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. Rate excludes Brightspeed Fees not to exceed $3.00/mo/line.* Offer details.
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Slashed price  Flexible international plans
Enjoy the flexibility of our international calling options. Stay connected with loved ones in over 100 countries, whether they’re in Calgary, Cancún, or beyond.
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Advantages of a home phone:

Landlines are frequently needed for security systems.

In an emergency, a wired home phone offers greater reliability for automatic emergency alerts. Numerous security firms mandate a landline for your safeguarding.

First responders learn of your location with Auto-ID.

As soon as you call 911 using your landline home phone, emergency responders immediately acquire your street address. Those details could be life saving.

Unmatched clarity and high-quality connection.

Enjoy unbeatable sound excellence and connection strength. Say goodbye to unclear voices and call interruptions.

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